On the Move with Haemophilia

On the move with haemophilia

On the Move with Haemophilia is a new online educational program about supporting young people with haemophilia to participate in exercise and sport. It is aimed at parents, teachers and sports coaches and includes a set of videos and a fact sheet.

Click below to access the resources:

It is also available on the HFA website, under Publications.

The program covers:

  • the benefits of regular exercise for people with haemophilia
  • factors to consider when choosing suitable exercises and sports
  • how to encourage regular and appropriate exercise
  • steps to take when a young person has a bleeding episode at school or during sporting activities
  • rehabilitation and returning to exercise or sports after a bleeding episode.

On the Move with Haemophilia was developed by InVIVO Academy in collaboration with Haemophilia Foundation Australia and Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand.

HFA would like to thank Ali Morris (Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist) and Dr Tina Carter (haematologist/HTC Director) from the Perth Children’s Hospital and Helen Dixon (Expert Physiotherapist Haemophilia) from Wellington Hospital, New Zealand, for their expert advice in the development of these resources.

On the Move with Haemophilia was supported by Pfizer's Independent Grants for Learning & Change through an independent medical education grant.

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