WFH 2024 World Congress

From 21-24 April, HFA visited Madrid, Spain for the WFH 2024 World Congress. This was a huge event, with over 3000 delegates from 135 countries. It is the most comprehensive international event on bleeding disorders, and the first fully in-person event for the WFH since the WFH 2018 World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.

A number of our Haemophilia Treatment Centre health professionals attended and presented, as well as sharing scientific posters on their research in a great acknowledgment of their expertise.

HFA was represented by Natashia Coco, Executive Director (acting) and Suzanne O’Callaghan, Policy Research & Education Manager. Suzanne spoke on Creating supportive networks and advocacy Initiatives in the Women and Girls with Bleeding Disorders track, and HFA shared a poster on the 2020 PROBE data.

We look forward to the next WFH World Congress, visiting Kuala Lumpur in 2026.

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