World Hepatitis Day 2016


Today is World Hepatitis Day.Change your future today

In 2016 revolutionary new hep C treatments are now available. 

What is so exciting about the new hep C treatments for people with bleeding disorders? 

Watch our video to find out more from the experts! 

Australia is leading the way for a NOhep future.

New highly effective hepatitis C treatments are now available on the PBS.

  •  95% overall cure rate
  • Few side effects, if any
  • Shorter treatment courses – 8 – 24 weeks.

The World Hepatitis Alliance has committed to eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030. Imagine a future without hepatitis C. Can we achieve this in the Australian bleeding disorders community?


  • Spread the word!
  • If you have hep C, make your health a priority.
  • Make sure you have a regular a liver health check
  • Talk to your hepatitis or infectious diseases clinic about treatment that could cure your hep C
  • Many people with bleeding disorders were exposed to hep C. Have you ever been tested? If you used factor before 1993 – even as a baby – you could be at risk. Act now – if you don’t know whether you have hep C or not, get tested!
  • Is something stopping you from getting hep C treatment? Talk to your Haemophilia Centre about solutions. Change your future today!

As a Partner in the national World Hepatitis Day Campaign, HFA is working with Hepatitis Australia and State and Territory Foundations on the annual national awareness campaign and is committed to making a difference on hepatitis C in Australia.


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National World Hepatitis Day website
HFA hepatitis C treatments page

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