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Our Council

The Haemophilia Foundation Australia Council is established under the Constitution as its main governing committee. The Constitution provides for one Delegate to be elected from each State and Territory Foundation to form the Council. Each delegate acts in a voluntary capacity. Council meets up to 3 times each year, including for the Annual General Meeting which is usually held each October. Council elects the HFA Officer Bearers.

HFA Council

Haemophilia Foundation Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Claudio Damiani

Haemophilia Foundation New South Wales (NSW)

Dan Credazzi

Haemophilia Foundation Queensland (QLD)

Adam Lish

Haemophilia Foundation Tasmania (TAS)

David Fagan

Haemophilia Foundation Victoria (VIC)

Leonie Demos

Haemophilia Foundation Western Australia (WA)

Gavin Finkelstein


Office Bearers

President – Gavin Finkelstein

Gavin has been involved as a volunteer with Haemophilia Foundation Western Australia since 1995 and was first appointed to the HFA Council in 1998. Gavin has haemophilia. He has work experience in funds management and has owned and managed his own business. Gavin has previously held office as the HFA Treasurer.

Vice President – Dan Credazzi

Dan is the current President of HFNSW. Dan has a young son with haemophilia. He is a Senior Business Development Manager and has a wide range of business experience including a MBA.

Treasurer – David Fagan

David is Vice President of HFT and has a young son with haemophilia. He is the CEO of a company in Tasmania and has a wide range of expertise in the Corporate sector.

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