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Abstracts and Presentations


Presentations from the 15th Australian & New Zealand Haemophilia Conference in Brisbane 2009 are available for download. For a full listing, view the program (below) or following is a summary:

 2009 Conference Program – [PDF, 80KB]

Friday 9 October 2009

Plenary 1

Chair: Maurren Spilsbury
Assessing the impact of chronic disease on adolescents – a practical psychological paradigm ~ Dr Michael Carr-Gregg 

Concurrent 1 – am
Family factors: challenges & solutions

Chair: Kelly Brady
Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) ~ Anne Jackson/Sharon Hawkins/ Cheryl Ellis – [PDF, 402KB]
Moving on: preparing for transition to adult life ~ Margaret Rae – [PDF, 1MB]
Venous access and ports ~ Helen Starosta – [PDF, 378KB]

Concurrent 2 – am
Product safety

Chair: Rob Christie
UK vCJD experience ~ Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs -[PDF, 943KB]
vCJD risk and product safety ~ Prof Albert Farrugia – [PDF, 641KB]

Concurrent 3 – am
von Willebrand Disorder

Chair: Dr James Daly
AHCDO Guidelines ~ Dr James Daly – [PDF, 318KB] 
Pathology and treatment ~ Dr Jeremy Robertson – [PDF, 1MB]
Living with vWD ~ Lorraine Porter- Bishop – [PDF, 435KB]
Living with vWD ~ Lauren Winders – [PDF, 15.3KB]

Concurrent 1 – pm
Women’s issues

Chair: Belinda Burnett
Women’s issues – an overview and introduction ~ Belinda Burnett – [PDF, 1MB]
My journey with haemophilia B ~ Justine Mamootil – [PDF, 21KB]
Menorrhagia, pregnancy and delivery ~ Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs – [PDF, 734KB]

Concurrent 2 – PM
Treatment and management of inhibitors

Chair: Dr Chris Barnes
Codey’s personal experience
Risk factors for inhibitor development ~ Dr Simon Brown – [PDF, 346KB]
Caring for people with inhibitors ~ Dr Chris Barnes – [PDF, 491KB]

Concurrent 3 – PM 
Haemophilia across the continuum

Chair: Penny McCarthy
Haemophilia-talking 'bout your generation ~ Penny McCarthy – [PDF, 454KB]
Maintaining health and independence, living with arthritis ~ Jann Anderssen n
Haemophilia and the added health benefits from general practice care ~ A/Prof Jane Smith – [PDF, 499KB]
Health issues for an ageing haemophilia population ~ Dr Huyen Tran – [PDF, 511KB]

Plenary 2
Good joints for a better life

Chair: Wendy Poulsen
The benefits of physiotherapy-exercise and fitness, maintaining healthy joints, optimising prophylaxis ~ Kathy Mulder – [PDF, 236KB]
Understanding rheumatology – inflammatory processes, MRI’s and radiosynovectomy ~ Dr David Kandiah – [PDF, 1.1MB]
Orthopaedic problems and solutions ~ Dr Brett Halliday – [PDF, 913KB]



Plenary 3
The importance of comprehensive care for patients, families, health professionals and the health care system – meeting the challenges

Chair: Kathy Mulder
A perspective of a young family ~ Helen Fogarty – [PDF, 621KB]
A perspective of an adult with haemophilia ~ Mike O’Reilly – [PDF, 17.8KB]
Using clinical data, evidence and experience – the benefits of benchmarking ~ Dr Chris Barnes
History of comprehensive care and current best practice ~ Dr John Rowell – [PDF, 276KB]
Physiotherapy – an overview ~ Debbie Thompson
Nurse – an overview ~ Janine Furmedge – [PDF, 507KB]
Social Worker – an overview ~ Maureen Spilsbury – [PDF, 630KB]

Concurrent 1 – am
Understanding genetics and reproductive choices

Chair: Dr John Rowell
An overview of genetics ~ Dr John Rowell – [PDF,754KB]
How genetic counselling can help ~ Katherine Rose – [PDF, 203KB]
PreImplantation genetic diagnosis and assisted reproductive technology in haemophilia ~ Dr Penelope Foster [PDF, 533KB]
A carrier’s journey~ Jane Devlin – [PDF, 25KB]

Concurrent 2 – am
Living with hepatitis C

Chair: Suzanne O’Callaghan
Personal reflections on living with hepatitis C, treatment and support ~ Mark Ivory – [PDF, 47KB]
Update on hep C, treatment, care and future directions ~ Dr Greg Dore – [PDF, 764KB]
Decisions about hepatitis C treatment and resilience during treatment ~ A/Prof Carla Treloar – [PDF, 197KB]
Dealing with your mental health – managing hep C symptoms and treatment ~ Dr Paul Pun – [PDF,144KB] 

Concurrent 3 – am
Free Papers

Chair: Beryl Zeissink
The HFNZ community needs assessment: preliminary findings, preliminary findings ~ Chantal Lauzon – [PDF, 188KB]
A retrospective audit of yttrium synovectomies at The Alfred ~ Dr Anne Powell – [PDF, 216KB]
The psoas muscle and sexual health ~ Matthew Stewart
30 years’ experience of joint replacements in patients with bleeding disorders in SA ~ Dr Lay Tay – [PDF, 320KB]
Outcomes after joint arthroplasty or arthrodesis at an Australian Haemophilia Centre ~ Dr Kemble Wang – [PDF, 259KB]

Concurrent 1 – pm
Good dental care for adults and children with bleeding disorders

Chair: Dr James Daly
Dental care & health in Adults ~ Dr Ian Hewson 828KB
The Great Australian Bite ~ Dr Kerrod Hallett 574KB
A personal experience ~ Paul Bonner

Concurrent 2 – pm
Living with HIV

Chair: Alex Coombs
Psycho-social aspects of disclosure ~ Alex Coombs – [PDF, 117KB]
Personal reflections ~ Matt Powell
HIV in 2009 means viral suppression for all. New opportunities and new challenges ~ Dr Mark Kelly – [PDF, 1MB]
Positively addressing personal barriers- lets talk about…. sex, disclosure & relationships ~ Georgia Ash – [PDF, 692KB]

Concurrent 3 – PM
Practical Living

Chair: Leonie Mudge
Superannuation & insurance (Travel & income protection) ~ John Berrill -[PDF, 22KB]
Income support/financial assistance ~ Leonie Mudge – [PDF,223KB]
Career and employment: challenges and choices panel ~ Mike Holloway, Luke Chipperfield, Robert McCabe 

Plenary 4
Haemophilia care and treatment– where have we come from, and where are we going?

Chair: Deon York
History of haemophilia care, new treatments, treatment needs in the developing world ~ Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs – [PDF, 532KB]
Gene therapy for haemophilia: what's the holdup? ~ Prof John Rasko
Trends in treatment product use and expenditure in Australia ~ Dr Alison Turner – [PDF, 98KB]
Ethics, cost and sustainability- the future horizon ~ Deon York

Men's & Women's Breakfast
Men’s Breakfast

Chair: Matthew Stewart
Speaker: Steve Manning – “Fitness and its benefits"- [PDF, 606KB]

Women’s Breakfast

Chair: Sharon Caris
Speaker: Kathy Mulder – “Amazing Mothers" – [PDF, 845KB]


Program – [PDF, 80KB] 

Abstract Book

Conference 2009 Abstract Book – [PDF, 990KB] 

Date last reviewed: 1 March 2010

Important Note: This information was developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia for education and information purposes only and does not replace advice from a treating health professional. Always see your health care provider for assessment and advice about your individual health before taking action or relying on published information. This information may be printed or photocopied for educational purposes.

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