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0850-1015 Plenary 1
Treatment landscape into the future
  Chair: David Fagan
  From then to now – Gavin Finkelstein
What is precision or personalized medicine? New and emerging treatments for all bleeding disorders – Dr Glenn Pierce
Australian experience and challenges with new and emerging haemophilia therapies – Dr Liane Khoo
Access to new therapies – policy and regulation – Jo Cameron
Hopes for the future: reflections from a parent – Clare
1045-1215 Plenary 2
Gene Therapy
  Chair: Prof Huyen Tran
  Overview – Dr Glenn Pierce
Psychological overview – Jane Portnoy
Overview into AHCDO Gene therapy roadmap – Prof Huyen Tran
1330-1500 Concurrent 1

The impact of new treatments on children and families

  Chair: Anne Jackson
  The impact of new treatments on children & families – Anne Jackson
Impact on practice in the paediatric setting – A Paediatric Nurse’s View – Janine Furmedge
Physical activity in children – Nicola Hamilton
Young adult and his mother's perspective: Catherine and Lachlan


1330-1500 Concurrent 2

Rare Bleeding Disorders

  Chair: Dr Jane Mason
  Personal Experience – Chauntelle, FXIII
Rare Bleeding Disorders – Dr Sally Campbell
Personal experience – Jenny, acquired haemophilia A
Acquired haemophilia – Dr Jane Mason
Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia – Alex Klever
1330-1500 Concurrent 3

Making Career Choices

  Chair: Penny McCarthy
  Career choices over a lifetime. Do they change with new treatments? – Penny McCarthy
Personal Stories
How to make career choicesJon Hazelton
Employment: discrimination, disclosure and the law – Mark Waters
Personal story – Dale
Panel Discussion and Q&A:

  • Speakers and:
  • Nurse: Kara Cordiner
  •  Physiotherapist: Abi Polus
  •  Social worker: Nicoletta Crollini
1530-1700 Plenary 3
Women and girls with bleeding disorders
  Chair: Dr Meredith Wiggins
Personal perspectives on the challenges and issues of living with a bleeding disorder

  • Shauna
  • Cheryl

Medical perspectives on diagnosis, assessment, treatment and care



0845-1015 Plenary 4
Managing Mild Haemophilia
  Chair:   Dr Heather Tapp
  Personal perspective from a young adult and his dad – Louis and Tom
Diagnosis and treatment – Dr Heather Tapp
Mild haemophilia in adults: medical issues – Dr Stephanie P’ng
Nursing management, including surgery in mild haemophilia – Alex Klever
Physical activities and sport across the lifespan – Abi Polus
1045-1215 Concurrent 4

Inheritance, genetics and family planning

  Chair: Dr Chris Barnes
  Personal story
Inheritance and genetics, reproduction and family planning – Geneticist and Genetic Counsellor: A/Prof Kristi Jones and Lucy Kevin
1045-1215 Concurrent 5

Is it a bleed? MSK recovery

  Chair:  Jo Newsom
  Case Study
Conditions that can mimic a bleed – Dr Rob Russo
Joint bleed recovery – how long does it really take?  – Ali Morris
Muscle bleed recovery – Jarrad King
Q/A panel
1045-1215 Concurrent 6

Getting older

  Chair: Suzanne O’Callaghan
  Personal story – Mike
Medical issues – Dr Liane Khoo
Hep C and liver health – Dr David Iser
Social connection – Marcia Fearn
Panel discussion and Q&A:

  • Speakers and
  • Nurse: Jayne Treagust
  • Physiotherapist: Cathy Haley

Psychosocial worker: Kathryn Body

1330-1500 Concurrent 7

Pregnancy, childbirth and newborns

  Chair:  Dr Jane Mason
  Nursing perspective – pregnancy and delivery management – Robyn Shoemark
Delivery and birth – Dr Iniyaval Thevathasan
Best practice management of Previously Untreated Patients – Dr Simon Brown
Personal Story – Rebecca
1330-1500 Concurrent 8


  Chair: Dr Chee Wee Tan
  Personal story – Adam
Personal story – Susie
VWD diagnosis – Dr Geoffrey Kershaw
VWD clinical management – Dr Nalini Pati
1330-1500 Concurrent 9


  Chair: Jonathan Spencer
  Pain management in the future – Dr Carolyn Arnold
Pain and physiotherapy – Cat Pollard
Strategies to manage procedural and acute pain in children – Michelle Perrin

Plenary 5
Working towards good health
Beyond resilience comes adaptability: thriving in a changing world  – Dr Charlotte Keating
Panel – What are the challenges we are facing, moving forward and how to keep connected

  • Dr Glenn Pierce
  • Dr Simon Brown
  • Dr Liane Khoo
  • Dr Chris Barnes
  • Claude Damiani
  • Shauna Adams


Important Note: This information was developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia for education and information purposes only and does not replace advice from a treating health professional. Always see your health care provider for assessment and advice about your individual health before taking action or relying on published information. This information may be printed or photocopied for educational purposes.

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