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Youth catching up in WA



HFWA recently held an event on March 7 at Perry Lakes for young people aged 12-17 years, along with youth mentor Dale. The event was a Simulator Circuit race and proved to be great fun among all who attended!

On March 7 2015, HFWA held a youth event. This youth event is the first I have been to as I have just turned 12. I'm happy that I can finally come to the youth events now.

The youth event was Simulator Circuit racing. We had a competition consisting of several rounds and a knock out. The racing was exciting, thrilling, and challenging. We were driving Lamborghinis!

Being together with everyone else was awesome as well, as we had not seen each other a while – camp was a long time ago. HFWA provided a sausage sizzle lunch for all the teens and even a kookaburra got a feed when it swooped down and grabbed a sausage for itself.

The next youth event will be Gladiators and I am really looking forward to it.


Reprinted with permission from Contact,
the newsletter of HFWA, March 2015


The youth event was great. We had a racing simulator knock out competition – the kids loved it – and we finished up with a BBQ.

DALE (youth mentor)

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