New Hep C Personal Stories Book

Photo right: Sharon Caris, HFA, and Ian Pengelly at the launch
Photo: Hepatitis Australia

In the compelling new book Together we can see our future, 29 Australians have come together to tell their story of living with hep C.

Among the individual accounts are the personal stories of two authors who have bleeding disorders: Ian Pengelly, from Queensland, who has von Willebrand disease, and Malcolm Cockrum, from NSW, who has haemophilia.

Every story in the book gives a different perspective, and includes comments from friends and relatives. Ian’s story, for example, is supported with a statement by his uncle, Senator Ian Macdonald. Some of the authors have had successful treatment, while others have not been so lucky, and some are still waiting for final results. But they all have in common their courage, their resilience, and their hope for a better future.

Hepatitis Australia published the book and launched it in Canberra in June 2015.

Sharon Caris, HFA Executive Director, caught up with Ian Pengelly at the launch.

“The book includes many inspiring personal stories. Meeting Ian made me realise what a remarkable journey the authors have travelled in writing their story.

Their stories make us hope that things will improve for people living with hepatitis C in the very near future,” said Sharon.

You can download or read the book online at

Hardbound copies will also be available at the HFA stand in the trade exhibition at the 2015 Gold Coast Conference.

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