New National Website Project

Haemophilia Foundation Australia is embarking on a new National Website project to re-develop the website and the youth website

This is a very exciting initiative for HFA and State/Territory Foundations and is the result of several years of concept development with HFA Council: with the agreement of State/Territory Foundations this project will also result in new websites for State/Territory Foundations.


The aim of this project is for State and Territory Foundations to share a standard content management system with HFA (structure and web site administration) and for all Foundations to have consistent and professional branding, while maintaining their own web address and identity (ie, they will look similar but not the same). They will be able to update information and send out email newsletters on local events and activities themselves. Email newsletter databases for each Foundation will be private, accessible only by that Foundation, and protected with world best practice security. Content developed by HFA, such as information about bleeding disorders, or news items on national issues, will be shared seamlessly with the State/Territory Foundation sites.

This would also mean all the complexities of making sure the web sites meet the publishing standards for health websites in Australia are dealt with by the project team when the content management system is being developed. In 2011 the external review of HFA had recommended that all Foundation websites meet the minimum standards and iron out inconsistencies. After some years of working individually through best practice guidelines, and for some local Foundations, having difficulty resourcing their websites adequately, it is a welcome step to be able to deal with all of these issues at once.

The project team will be led by Natashia Coco at HFA with representatives from all State/Territory Foundations.

This work has been made possible by a grant to HFA from the Australian Government Department of Health.

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