Reflections on the Conference


NBA at conference

Delivered on the theme of ‘Looking forward to change’.

It is very hard to target broad audience and I think you do that well.

Justin was brilliant. We all have families at different levels and all the information was very relatable and achievable.

My conference highlight was meeting other haemophiliacs.

Everything is new to me so I would say that I leant so much. A lot of the presentations were helpful for those of us who don't know much.

Opportunity to network and realise from parents that what we do does make such a difference.

Interaction between all stakeholders and excellent speakers.

How far gene therapy has advanced and catching up with old friends.

Ability to have positive contact with other health care professionals working within bleeding disorders and hearing presentations from both [health professionals and patients].

Posters at conference

Haemophilia health professionals and community members reflected on their experiences at the Conference:

I attended the Australian and New Zealand Conference for the first time this year. I was honoured to be in such an eclectic array of individuals for the Conference. All members of the multidisciplinary team were represented alongside representatives from the National Blood Authority, Department of Health and pharmaceutical companies, and patients and relatives.

The agenda was varied and encompassed sessions led by national and international experts on bleeding disorders. Most of the sessions I was able to attend included some patient presenters who brought the focus back to patient care and patient experiences, allowing more insight into how it feels to live with bleeding disorders and the associated problems. 

The opportunity to talk to patients and hear about their experience was also possible through the questions post session, at breaks in the sessions and at the evening meal. During the Conference I had the privilege of conversing with several families and patients from around Australia who have learned to live with the problems they face on a daily basis; they discussed struggles they have worked through or are still working through such as whether to have prophylaxis or not, bad experiences of hospital admissions, and positives such as the great support and expertise offered by their treatment centres, and their pleasure in their growing families.
Sue Webzell, Haematology Nurse, Hollywood Haemophilia Treatment Centre, Perth

panel at youth session

This was my first visit to a local conference as previously I’ve only been to the World Federation of Hemophilia conference that was held in Melbourne in 2014, which was very large with something like 5000 people attending from all over the world. However, the local one only had a few hundred people attend. So it was a real nice and cosy conference, and it was good to meet with other people with haemophilia, and hear their stories. 

When the conference finished on Saturday it was sad to leave, but I‘m hoping to go to the next Australia/New Zealand Conference in 2019.
Stephen, community member

community delegates at HFA stand

I was very happy to be given the opportunity to attend the 18th Australia and New Zealand Conference.

Come Saturday afternoon at the finish, I realised that I had sat through two days of presentations and learnt more about haemophilia and more importantly met other haemophiliacs who have had inhibitors, major bleeds, joint replacements and mental issues. Seeing others who have conquered life with haemophilia has encouraged me to look after my body better and to exercise more.

Roll on Sydney 2019! 
Phillip, community member

Remembrance service candles

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