What’s happening in South Australia?

HFA remains committed to supporting people in South Australia affected by bleeding disorders. 

South Australia

It was great to meet with members of the South Australian bleeding disorders community on 3 June 2018. Twenty-seven families came together at the Adelaide Zoo for the opportunity to meet and share their experiences. There was a craft corner that enabled the children to chat and play together and for several to meet others with a bleeding disorder like themselves for the first time. The parents seemed to value the chance to talk with one another, and everyone enjoyed the tour of the Adelaide Zoo which is home to the Wang Wang and Fu Ni, Australasia’s only breeding pair of Giant Pandas.  

There was also an opportunity for the families to hear about HFA’s work and the activities of local Foundations in providing education, support and advocacy for bleeding disorders. 

We are delighted that several people decided to meet for a business meeting on 11 August 2018 to explore whether there is interest in Haemophilia Foundation South Australia being re-established for the future.  

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