Getting Older Project Update


Preetha Jayaram is the HFA Getting Older Project Officer

Where to from here? 

Special thanks to all the community members, partners and family who have welcomed me since I took up the position of Getting Older Project Officer at HFA and for your participation in the project. There have been high levels of engagement and support from all and I appreciate your enthusiasm and courage to share your experiences and thoughts in interviews and when participating in the forums. 


Getting Older is a priority project of Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA). HFA is committed to supporting active, independent and fulfilling lives for people in our bleeding disorders community. Since March 2019, I have been consulting with community members, state and territory foundations, medical specialists, haemophilia nurses, psychosocial workers and physiotherapists to explore current and emerging issues and how to ‘future proof’ as people grow older. I also had advice and guidance from experts in HFA’s Getting Older Project Advisory Group.  


In the next stage of the project HFA will be administering a needs assessment survey to hear from the wider bleeding disorders community. This survey aims to identify the range of related needs people with bleeding disorders and their partner/family or friends/carers may have as they get older. It asks questions about work/retirement, housing and insurance, aspirations for the future, information and education, computer use, support, and social connectedness. 

Although the survey is voluntary, your participation would be appreciated. It is important that your voice is part of this project and that you share your thoughts about what is needed and the strategies and services that would help you. Survey responses will be treated confidentially. If you want to take part, you will be able to do the survey online or in print.  Please check your mailbox in the coming months and let us know what your concerns around getting older and what would help now and in the future! 

If you know anyone else who might be able to complete the survey, please tell them about this. I am looking forward to hearing from you and finding out about the issues you and your partner and family see around getting older. 

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts or have questions about the Getting Older Project, please contact Preetha Jayaram at HFA.

Phone: (03) 9885 7800



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