Aged care services and homes – new website section

Whether you’re eligible now or thinking ahead, learn more about aged care services and how they work in this new section on the HFA Getting Older Hub.

Aged Care is a term covering home care, aged care homes and respite care for people who are 65 years and older (or 50 years or older for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people). Help is not limited to aged care homes. You may be eligible for aged care services in your own home if you need some assistance with everyday tasks.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide advice for people thinking about their future, wanting to discover if they are currently eligible for funding, or looking to change their current aged care services.

We explore the following topics:

  • Living independently
  • Short-term care
  • Aged care homes
  • Costs of care in an aged care home
  • Disability
  • Carers

Better understand aged care services and your options for living well and maintaining your independence into the future. In this new section we walk through types of services and care, special issues for people with bleeding disorders and link you to more information.

Access the section on aged care services and homes on the Getting Older Hub here:

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About the Getting Older Hub

The HFA Getting Older Hub brings together information that is relevant to getting older with a bleeding disorder, with a focus on living well and enjoying life. The Hub was developed as a result of the HFA Getting Older report and is constantly being updated. HFA develops information on the Hub in collaboration with a consumer focus group and expert health professionals, including the issues that may come up and how to self-manage for the best possible health and quality of life.

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