June 2024 National Haemophilia now available

The June 2024 National Haemophilia is now available to read online and in print. In this bumper issue we feature:

• WFH 2024 World Congress reports
• World Haemophilia Day 2024
• Hepatitis C Update
• Have your say with research opportunities
• Youth News: Melbourne meetup

Thank you so much to the community members and health professionals who contribute to National Haemophilia. Your insights and expertise are invaluable.

WFH 2024 World Congress Reports

WFH World Congress visited Madrid in April this year. Australia was well-represented, both as delegates and speakers, and in this issue of National Haemophilia we include reports from a range of sessions.

Read about Pain in children with bleeding disordersUltrasounds, bleeds, joints and sportBody artExploring haemophilia prophylaxisWomen: caregivers to patients to advocates, and Women and girls with bleeding disorders.

World Haemophilia Day 2024

April also saw us celebrating World Haemophilia Day. It was wonderful how everyone in the community came together to raise awareness for bleeding disorders. Multiple landmarks in Australia – and throughouth the world – lit up red. Be sure to check out the photos in National Haemophilia.

Hepatitis C

The release of the UK Infected Blood Inquiry has some people wondering what this may mean for Australia. In National Haemophilia we provide an overview of the situation and give an update on HFA’s ongoing advocacy relating to hepatitis C.

We understand that this may be an upsetting time for some people in our community. Please reach out for support if this is the case for you – suggestions for support are included at the end of the article.


You have probably noticed that there are several research studies currently underway for the Australia bleeding disorders community. In National Haemophilia we shed some light on why this is happening (spoilers: it’s related to new therapies becoming available), and how you can participate to have your voice heard. Read the article.

Factored In: Melbourne Meetup

Local Foundation youth catch-ups are a great way to connect with other young people. Declan and Bailey share their experience at the HFV Youth Day Out and talk about what made it fun.

For more information about youth events, contact your local Haemophilia Foundation. You can find contact details on the HFA website.

We hope you enjoy reading National Haemophilia!

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