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Declan and Bailey’s story

Local Foundation youth catch-ups are a great way to connect with other young people. Declan and Bailey talked to Haemophilia Foundation Victoria (HFV) about the HFV Youth Day Out event at the gaming venue, Fortress Melbourne, and what made it fun.

Group of young men around a table at at a venue

What did you enjoy most about the Youth Day event at Fortress Melbourne?

The interaction with others of a similar background and the ability to feel included and welcomed.

I enjoyed hanging out with the group and being in an environment where it’s just the youth group all together.

How did gaming contribute to making the event fun and exciting?

It made us all interact with each other and gave us all something to bond over.

Did you meet any new friends or make new connections during the Youth Day event?

I’d like to say that everyone I met on the day were lovely individuals and new friends.

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Did you feel supported by your peers during the event?

Yes, because we all acted in a group and there was no negativity.

Definitely, everyone was eager to interact and socialise, creating a welcoming environment.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Fortress Melbourne during the event?

Despite myself not having a gaming background, I felt included and happy due to the character of each individual and felt the atmosphere suited the particular event.

Would you attend another event like this in the future?

Definitely, positive past experience can only mean more to come.

What message would you like to share with other youth about attending events like this?

It’s great fun and a must-do thing, everyone gets along great, u get to have amazing chats and have fun as a team.

For more information about youth events, contact your local Haemophilia Foundation. You can find contact details here on the HFA website.

This article is adapted and reprinted with permission from ‘Voices of the event: HFV’s Youth Day Out through the eyes of attendees’, The Missing Factor, Winter 2024, magazine of Haemophilia Foundation Victoria (

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