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Things your employer can’t do


  • Force you to see their doctor
  • Get reports from your doctors unless you give consent.

(There are some exceptions to the above two points, such as for Workers Compensation claims.)

  • Sit in on your doctor appointments
  • Force you to disclose your medical condition
  • Fire you if you disclose your bleeding disorder

There are some situations where you are required to give information about your bleeding disorder, if asked, for example:

  • Applying to work in the armed forces or police
  • Applying for or continuing a job where your bleeding disorder is likely to have a fundamental impact on your ability to do your work or may pose a risk to occupational health and safety for you or others.

In these cases, employers can lawfully discriminate on the basis of your bleeding disorder.

For more information, visit the Disclosure section on the HFA website

Date last reviewed: 30 January 2023

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