Prof Kevin Rickard WFH Award

Photo: Prof. Kevin Rickard receiving the Award from Alain Weill, WFH President

It was with great pleasure that we saw Professor Kevin Rickard awarded the WFH International Health Care Volunteer Award at the WFH Congress in 2014.

This award honours a health professional who “has contributed significantly in furthering the mission and goals of the WFH in a volunteer role.”

Prof. Rickard began his career in haematology at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, in 1960, and then took up haematology roles at Prince Henry and Prince of Wales hospitals in Sydney. Later he went overseas, studying at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London and then as a Fellow in Haematology at St Elisabeth's Hospital and Tufts University in Boston, Mass. USA.

He returned to Australia to an appointment at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, in late 1970 as Staff Specialist in Haematology, with responsibility for haemophilia care at the Hospital.

In 1986 Prof. Rickard founded the Haemophilia Centre, RPAH, Sydney. This Centre was the result of many years of advocacy, supported by the Haemophilia Society of NSW, to convince the NSW Health Department and hospital administration of the necessity of a comprehensive care centre. This Centre remains the focus of adult haemophilia care in NSW and is recognised worldwide as a World Federation of Haemophilia International Training Centre.

Prof. Rickard was also committed to advancing treatment products and their supply in Australia. Over many years he advocated for improved blood products to treat haemophilia and sufficient clotting factor concentrate to meet all Australian patients’ needs.

As well as his role at the Haemophilia Centre, Prof. Rickard has shown outstanding clinical leadership both in Australia and internationally. He was Chair of the Haemophilia Foundation of Australia Medical Advisory Panel (now Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors' Organisation), Chair of the International Haemophilia Training Centres and Vice President, Developing World of the World Federation of Haemophilia. In the latter capacity he organised a number of teaching workshops on haemophilia in virtually every country in South-east Asia and co-ordinated training Fellowships more than 200 international trainees of the WFH. At Sydney University he became Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine in 1992. In addition to these roles, Kevin has contributed to many publications, sharing his professional knowledge and experience. In 1994 he was also the inaugural recipient of the Ron Sawers award for service to the Australian haemophilia community.

Prof. Rickard continues his support for the bleeding disorders community as patron of Haemophilia Foundation NSW.

We are delighted to see his contributions recognised in this important international Award.

Source: Bedbrook, P. A tribute to Kevin Rickard. National Haemophilia March 1994;83:3-8.

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