Youth Update

Hannah Opeskin is Health Promotion Officer, Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Although the World Congress has been and gone, life at HFA never slows. We are currently working on several ideas to ensure that our young people have access to the most up-to-date resources and that events are always happening in their local state.


A youth catch-up was held in Hobart in July 2014 and received a large amount of support and enthusiasm. It was excellent to see both old and new faces come together for a casual movie night. A catch-up for Victoria is in the planning stage and should be underway soon. Young people across Australia are invited to organise and attend catch-ups in their own state.


The Factored In website was created by young people affected by bleeding disorders for young people.

We are currently consulting with young people about the web site and distributing a youth survey so that we can obtain further feedback and make improvements. The web site improvements will include a software update to ensure it runs quickly and smoothly. A second level administration will also soon be developed, allowing youth leaders to update the website events with their catch-ups.

Shortly, Factored In will have new content including transition, boy and girl stuff. As always, we encourage young people to contribute to the website and become a member to make sure they are kept updated with new content as it becomes available. The consultation and new improvements are aimed at increasing youth involvement.

Further training about youth mentoring and moderation for Factored In will also be further explored and developed.

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