World AIDS Day 2019

World AIDS Day is marked globally on 1 December to raise awareness in the wider community about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. 

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In 2019 the World AIDS Day national theme was Every journey counts


In 2019 HIV continues to be a part of our community’s experience.

The bleeding disorders community suffered greatly when it became known that HIV had been transmitted through blood products in the mid-1980s, resulting in illness and loss.  Many individuals and their partners, families and carers still feel the effects of this. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for everyone in the community to reflect and to provide support. 

For those of you who live on with the challenges of HIV, we recognise your strength and your determination to work together to create a supportive community for all affected by HIV.

UNAIDS’ theme for World AIDS Day 2019 was Communities make the difference. It highlights the important role of the community as leaders to enable all people living with HIV to lead healthy and productive lives free from the harmful effects of stigma and discrimination. 

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