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Preetha Jayaram is the HFA Getting Older Project Officer



My thanks to those who took the time to participate in our Getting Older Community Survey. This survey was part of our needs assessment and was a way to hear from the wider bleeding disorders community about what is needed and the strategies and services that would help with getting older. This survey was available online and in print and was mailed out to community members. It aimed to identify the range of related needs people with bleeding disorders and their partner/family or friends/carers may have as they get older. It asked questions about work/retirement, housing and insurance, aspirations for the future, information and education, computer use, support, and social connectedness. 

We had a good response and are looking forward to the insights that will come from analysing your answers.


Getting Older focus group
The Getting Older Focus Group with Preetha and Suzanne

In late November 2019 we held a community focus group workshop to consider online solutions, such as an online information hub on getting older with a bleeding disorder and digital peer support options.

It was productive day and the group gave valuable contributions about what an online hub should look like and include – and had some very creative ideas and frameworks. There was a lot of discussion about digital peer support options for the bleeding disorders community which left us with much to think about!

Thank you to the group for their hard work and inventiveness!

flipchart with ideas about HFA information hub about getting older


HFA will be working on digital solutions for the focus group to test over the next few months and you will see the results of this in 2020.

The needs assessment report will be completed in February 2020 – watch this space for more information!

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts or have questions about the Getting Older Project, please contact Preetha Jayaram at HFA.

Phone: (03) 9885 7800


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