Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month

Bleeding Disorders awareness activities are a high priority on the HFA calendar. In the past the activities have taken place over a week, with the date linked to the first HFA Council meeting which was 13 October 1979  After consultation with our Haemophilia Treatment Centres and the community, for the first time we have moved our most important awareness campaign and spread it out over the month of October. This will make it a lot easier for everyone to schedule their events and awareness activities and enable us to raise more awareness across the country.  

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 2022


HFA and our state and territory foundations will aim to host events around the country.  You can also host your own event. Some ideas:

  • Organise a Red Cake Day
  • Host a red-themed morning tea/afternoon tea either face-to-face or virtually
  • Dress red for a cocktail night
  • Host a red themed crafternoon – we have colouring-in sheets and other great ideas on our website
  • Wear red in support of the day
  • Organise a red dress day for your school classmates 
  • Set up an information stand in your workplace, school, hospital or library
  • Hand out promotional items in your local area (check out our website to order)

We will have free promotional items to hand out at your events and information stalls.  Orders will open in August 2022. To have an alert from us about ordering, email your contact details to 


There are many ways you can get involved in the week – wear red, host an event, hand out information at school, get your children’s class or day-care involved in the colouring-in competition and sharing social media messages to spread the word.


Do you want to share your experience with a bleeding disorder? We are looking for stories from all ages and from different perspectives – person with a bleeding disorder, carrier,  parent, partner, carer, sibling. Visit to tell us about your story and we will be in contact.


Visit the Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month page
Contact Natashia Coco 0403 538 109

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