World Haemophilia Day 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in World Haemophilia Day and Light It Up Red in 2022. It was wonderful seeing people out and about visiting the landmarks. It wasn’t just Australia turning on the lights – the entire world joined in to help show support for the bleeding disorders community.

World Haemophilia Day April 17
World Haemophilia Day is celebrated worldwide on 17 April to raise awareness about haemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other inherited bleeding disorders. Light It Up Red is a way of raising awareness about bleeding disorders by lighting up local landmarks red on World Haemophilia Day and sharing photos with the wider community through communication channels such as social media.

This year the theme was Access for All – an important reminder that around 75% of people living with haemophilia worldwide have not yet been diagnosed, let alone have access to treatment and care.


'The more people that raise awareness, the more it helps get the message out.' – Adam's story.

Why is Access for All important to the Australian bleeding disorders community? How can we support the cause of sustainable and equitable access to care and treatment globally? Personal stories are a valuable way of making this real for the wider community. 

In Australia people with bleeding disorders, mothers, siblings and haemophilia physiotherapists shared their experiences and highlighted the difference access for all can make. 

Adam explaining why he raises awareness
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I have two brothers with haemophilia
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I asked one child if he had crutches
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Life is completely different. She can go to school. She can live
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