Have you done the PROBE survey yet?

What difference have new treatments made to the experience of haemophilia in Australia?

The PROBE Australia Study helps HFA collect the evidence to advocate for new haemophilia treatments. And you can contribute to that evidence.

You can see from our 2020 PROBE study results how many people with haemophilia used a mobility aid like crutches back then – nearly 30% of men and women aged 19-44 years, compared to none of the people without a bleeding disorder in the same age group.

Please consider completing the PROBE survey and tell us what your experience is now.

We currently have about 250 responses. For strong results we need about 150 more men and women to complete the survey.

Who can take part?

  • Men and women with haemophilia or who carry the gene
  • AND men and women without a bleeding disorder, like family and friends, health professionals, and other people interested in haemophilia.

Participate in the PROBE Australia Study today and contribute to our real-world evidence on haemophilia!

Find out more at www.haemophilia.org.au/probe-australia-study.

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