Planning For The Future

Future health care planning

Advance Care Planning Australia
Advance care planning is a way to plan for future health care, if there came a time when you could not communicate those decisions yourself. Who would you want to speak for you? What would you want them to say? This website explains the process and provides links to the appropriate forms or requirements for your state or territory. 
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Take control
The right documentation can give you some power over your future medical care and treatment. Haemophilia social worker Alex Coombs reminds us that you never know what is waiting ahead. Planning in advance and documenting your wishes and the substitute decision-maker of your choice can make a great difference in situations where  you can't speak for yourself.
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Financial planning and management
As you grow older, there can be a number of decisions to make to balance your plans for the future, your health care needs and your income. Everyone's situation is different. This article walks you through some of the key points to consider and the resources to help you.
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Power of attorney
Who would you want to make your financial decisions or take care of your finances and pay your bills if you were not in a position to do it yourself? Appointing a power of attorney ahead of time is a way of managing your financial affairs into the future.
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Date last reviewed: 4 August 2022