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Services For Getting Older

What support services and pensions are you eligible for as you get older? There is a difference between what is available to you when you are younger, which may fall under 'disability', particularly if you have a bleeding disorder like haemophilia or VWD, and when you are older. In Australia you become eligible to be assessed for aged care services if you are 65 years or older, or 50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. Visit the websites below to find out more.


Understanding disability and aged services – and the transition from one to another
Haemophilia social workers Alex Coombs and Jane Portnoy take you through the different disability and aged schemes and services. They explain how to contact them, and give you the links and phone numbers, and explain who can help.
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The Australian Government portal for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Information on who is eligible, how to apply, how to create and use a plan.
Visit the website to find out more


Aged care services and homes
If you need some help at home, or short-term care, or think it is time to investigate aged care homes, you may be wondering where to start. Explore your options in our section on aged care.
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Moving into residential aged care?
Talk to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) about the education they will provide to the staff at the residential aged care facility.

HTCs have developed a booklet and fact sheet titled Caring for people with inherited bleeding disorders for residential care facility staff. Click on the PDF links below to download information you can share with staff at the residential care facilities.

Caring for people with inherited bleeding disorders – booklet for health professionals (2018) – PDF, 560KB

Caring for people with inherited bleeding disorders – fact sheet for staff (2018) – PDF, 122KB 


Concession cards for getting older 
There are a number of concession cards for older Australians to get cheaper services and goods. Depending on the card, you may be entitled to cheaper health care and medicines and discounts on services such as public transport, council rates, power bills and at some businesses, for example, discounted meals or entrance fees for seniors.
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Date last reviewed: 30 March 2023

Important Note: This information was developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia for education and information purposes only and does not replace advice from a treating health professional. Always see your health care provider for assessment and advice about your individual health before taking action or relying on published information. This information may be printed or photocopied for educational purposes.

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