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Looking after your own medication and treatment

In the past your parents may have taken the reins on your health care, knowing when to order your factor, and when and how to infuse. Consider that eventually you will have to learn how to look after your own clotting factor treatments or other medicines.  It could save you time and pain being able to infuse yourself when you have a bleed, rather than having to wait in hospital to see a doctor.
Being able to look after your own medication gives you freedom. It means that it won’t be such a big deal or hassle when you travel, go to school, university or start working. You get to make your own choices, which feels pretty good!

Looking after your own treatment means knowing how to order your clotting factor treatment or other medications, who you need to talk to about getting it delivered, or collecting it, how and where to store it and how to administer it (have your needles/infuse your treatment).

Of course if you have to learn how to do this all at once it is a lot. However, if you can take on individual tasks one at a time, it just becomes part of your routine, and you can get used to it.

Many parents encourage their kids to take on their own care, but for some parents it is tough letting go of the control. You might need to help them do this. Maybe have a conversation with your parents about wanting to take on more independence. It might seem like a hassle at first, but the benefit is really yours.

Learning how to infuse your treatments yourself is a good start to becoming more independent and looking after your own health. You and your parents could talk to the Haemophilia Treatment Centre about how to start learning to infuse yourself.

Date last reviewed: 11 July 2018

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