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From childhood to adulthood

This is the business of growing up. Every step of the way kids and parents tussle with growing up.

To start with take on any steps that you feel you can manage. Perhaps your parent can do it with you. This is always easier than doing something all by yourself. For example, make the call to book an appointment when your parent is beside you. This way they can help you answer any questions that you are not expecting. Even write a list down of what you need and practice with a friend before you ring up.

  • Write things down or make a list
  • Talk to your parents about this issue, and talk about ways that they can help you.
  • Talk to your haemophilia team about what you need to do, and any challenges, and get their ideas about how to manage these.
  • Get familiar with the people that you are going to be dealing with. It’s always easier to talk to people that you trust.
  • Find a role model or mentor outside of your immediate family. Perhaps one of the youth leaders or a family friend, a teacher or a friend. Talk to them about the steps you need to take.
Date last reviewed: 11 July 2018

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