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Calendars, reminders and apps!

There are many ways to help support you to become more independent. Do you need a calendar? An electronic one allows reminders and repeats. A paper diary is visually easy to see: you can use colours, stickers, write extra bits of information down.

If you have a mobile device, it’s a good idea to  think about using the app MyABDR . The MyABDR app lets you keep track of your factor stock and record any treatments or bleeds you have. Your Haemophilia Team can also see how you’re going and will be able to use this information to help you when you are reviewing your treatment plan together. You can also use MyABDR on a computer.

Experiment until you find a system that works for you. Talk to trusted adults, parents or friends about systems that they use to organize themselves, and even get advice about how to problem solve any issues that you are having.  The social workers and nurses at the Haemophilia Treatment Centre are also a great resource, and will be happy to help.

Date last reviewed: 11 July 2018

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