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If you have a condition or disability that is likely to be lifelong and that stops you from doing everyday things by yourself and have been receiving support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), visit ndis.gov.au or phone 1800 800 110 to find out what services are available to you once you turn 65 years of age. 

To be eligible for the NDIS you will need to apply before turning 65 years of age. Once approved for a NDIS funding budget, the funding is for life. If you have been on NDIS funding, when you turn 65 years old you have a choice to move to MyAged Care or remain on the NDIS.


Author: Leonie Mudge, Walpole Consulting Group
Reviewed and revised by: Kathryn Body, Haemophilia Foundation ACT Counsellor, Canberra.

Date last reviewed: 30 March 2023

Important Note: This information was developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia for education and information purposes only and does not replace advice from a treating health professional. Always see your health care provider for assessment and advice about your individual health before taking action or relying on published information. This information may be printed or photocopied for educational purposes.

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