2014 Haemophilia Awareness Week

Red cake day logoRight Photo: The artist with the 3D art at Customs House

Haemophilia Awareness Week and Red Cake Day was held this year from 12 to 18 October 2014. Haemophilia Foundation Australia and Haemophilia Foundations around the country worked together to raise awareness about inherited bleeding disorders.

There was great interest in the week and we had many supporters to help us fundraise and raise awareness over the week. Red Cake Day was a hit again this year, and proved to be a versatile concept for individuals and organisations along with schools and companies that wanted to do something practical while highlighting the needs of people with bleeding disorders.

Biogen Idec red cakeJust under 100 schools, hospitals, libraries, families and local communities around the country received promotional materials to help them run their own Red Cake Days and Haemophilia Awareness Week activities. They held different types of events, but they all worked together with us to raise awareness about bleeding disorders or host a Red Cake Day. We are grateful for the support and uptake of this exciting event which we hope is becoming a regular feature on everyone’s calendar.

Many of our corporate supporters including Baxter and Biogen Idec held a Red Cake Day at their offices and raised awareness of the needs of people with bleeding disorders with their colleagues, many of whom work in other areas of their businesses.

An exciting Red Cake Day event at Customs House in Sydney was sponsored by Pfizer. With a wonderful 3D art piece of a Red Cake and cupcakes the day was a great success.

Boys at Customs House
Hamish and Jacob at Customs House

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