‘Changing Possibilities in Haemophilia’ Grant

Photo right: Dr Desdemona Chong

The Changing Possibilities in Haemophilia® grant program is set to provide funding for an innovative new project to advance haemophilia care in Australia through a series of psychosocial skill patient workshops in 2015.

The independently adjudicated grant program, now in its third year, was established by Novo Nordisk to support new projects and initiatives to be implemented by nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and other professionals working in haemophilia care.


The recipient of the 2014 Changing Possibilities in Haemophilia® grant is Dr Desdemona Chong, Clinical Psychologist from the Queensland Haemophilia Centre for the ‘Enhancing life-skills, empowering life changes – Another step towards comprehensive care’ project.

The lead investigator Clinical Psychologist Dr Desdemona Chong has been involved in a broad range of activities to support haemophilia care including the development of haemophilia patient educational resources, has contributed to various advocacy initiatives as well as research projects that aim to enhance psychosocial outcomes, and she has been providing psychotherapy and counselling to people living with haemophilia for a number of years.

“The impact of having a chronic health condition, such as an inherited bleeding disorder, goes beyond medicine,” said Dr Chong. “Specific to persons with haemophilia, research suggests that psychosocial factors better predict variation in quality of life than clinical factors. One of the ways to enhance coping is to empower individuals with life-skills to manage the psychosocial challenges.”

The aim of the project is to enhance the coping skills of patients under the care of the Queensland Haemophilia Centre (from both metropolitan and regional areas) through a series of workshops that focus on enhancing the psychosocial skills of individuals, as well as post-workshop follow-up support. Four full-day workshops will be held throughout 2015 and will cover topics such as pain management, communication, relationships, relaxation and issues related to carrying the haemophilia gene using a multi-disciplinary approach.

The judges felt Dr Chong’s project will provide workshop participants with useful strategies to help them deal with the ongoing health issues related to haemophilia.


For full details on the grant recipients and judges, please visit www.changingpossibilities.com.au .

If you would like further information about the Changing Possibilities in Haemophilia® grants program, please email your details to the secretariat at info@cube.com.au.

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