The Back Room Story

Haemophilia Awareness Week – the back room story

Jo Luciani, HFA Administration Assistant, has been instrumental in organising promotional resources for Haemophilia Awareness Week. She explains how it all works:

Haemophilia Awareness Week – and the lead up to it – is an exciting time to be around the HFA office.

Once Natashia has determined the promotional items HFA will have available, it is my job to count out, register, pack and send out the orders that our supporters need to embellish their fabulous events.

So, for an hour or so on each of my working days for a number of weeks before Awareness Week, I count out pens, I print out colouring-in forms, I label little packets of pencils, I’m surrounded by little mounds of balloons, I unravel rolls of stickers and I stack up numbers of Red Cake Day branded serviettes.

As the orders come in, I take a bit of this and some of that and a bundle of those, package them up in a post bag and off the items go to our wonderful Red Cake Day and Awareness Stall organisers. Once the event is held, we receive the photos of their events and I see the bits and bobs I sent and know that my job is done!

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