Alison’s Haemophilia Challenge

Alison Cameron has a 2 year old son Jasper with mild haemophilia.

“We found out last year after a bump on Jasper's head wouldn't stop bleeding. This caused his forehead to swell dramatically. He spent a week in hospital receiving daily infusions of factor to help his blood clot and stop any bleeding. It was a traumatic time, watching him undergo all the necessary medical procedure. Having no family history of this rare genetic disorder, it was a shock to find out he had haemophilia,” said Alison.

Alison set up challenges to complete during Haemophilia Awareness week and raised money at the same time. Said Alison,

“My challenges I set were –

If donations reach $150 I will dye my hair red (to reflect Red Cake Day, which is part of Haemophilia Awareness Week).

If donations reach $250, I will hold a mouse! If you know me, you'll know how much I HATE mice so this is a big deal for me! I usually scream when I just see a mouse!

If I raise $350, I will sing Karaoke in public! This scares me more than holding a mouse, probably because I am a terrible singer!

If I raise $500, I will get a tattoo of a cupcake to reflect Red Cake Day! I'm a wuss when it comes to pain! Plus this is permanent so I think it’s worth it!

“I have just hit $1000 so have decided I will complete a high ropes course because I am afraid of heights so thought this is an appropriate personal challenge” Said Alison

“If my two year old son, Jasper, can bravely face all that he has been through then I can face a few of my fears in order to raise awareness of haemophilia, which has no cure. He will have it for life and possibly pass it on to his children.”

Thank you to Alison and her supporters.
Alison with mouse

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