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Kassy Drummond is Health Promotion Officer, Haemophilia Foundation Australia



We are refreshing Factored In!

We’ve created a Youth Working Group to lead these changes, and direct us towards the future of Factored In. The group will be discussing what they like about the site, what they think needs refreshing, and what new stuff they’d like to see. We’ve had a fair bit of excitement from the group so far, with some of them having already sent us in their ideas and suggestions. It’s really great to see young people being so engaged and actively working towards improving the website that they, and some of their predecessors originally built.

The group will have their first meeting in early December and from there we’ll decide a plan for any future meetings. They’ll be meeting via skype in order to enable everybody to attend. If you’d still like to be involved in the group, or if you have any suggestions for new content, send us an email at

We anticipate that layout of the site will stay the same, but in the coming months you may notice some new content being added, as well as some of the images being refreshed.


We also have new content on Factored In! During Bleeding Disorders Awareness week we released some new personal stories video about building communities, featuring some of our young people! We have also released a ‘Girls’ information section, based on the information that can be found in the new HFA young women’s resource, Female Factors.

Check it out at!

Youth Canoe Journey

Youth Canoe Journey

Unfortunately we have had to postpone Youth Canoe Journey, due to a number of reasons. This will be disappointing for the participants who have already applied, but we want the event to be the best experience possible and right now that means postponing the event.

However, we still have plans for the Youth Canoe Journey to go ahead in the future! If you were thinking about applying and never got around to it, or were unable to attend on the previous dates, send us an email on and express your interest. Feel free to let us know what it is that you’d like to see happen on the trip, and any dates that you think would work well for you and other applicants!

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