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Where to next? 

The report includes a number of recommendations for HFA to discuss and work through with other stakeholders such as state and territory Foundations, HTCs, other health care services and governments. You will find the recommendations at the front of the full report. 

This is a priority area for HFA and we are excited to be embarking on the next stage of our work to achieve our vision of ‘active, independent and fulfilling lives’ for older people with bleeding disorders.

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There are many people and organisations who contributed to the report and we would like to thank them all. Please take a moment when you read the report to have a look at the Acknowledgements where they are listed.

A special thanks to the community members who participated in the interviews, the community forums, the Getting Older Community Survey, the PROBE Australia study and the Getting Older focus group; and the health professionals and other agencies who were part of the consultation; and the HFA Getting Older Project Advisory Group, for their guidance of the project.

The Getting Older project was primarily supported by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health. This project was also supported in part by a grant from Takeda.

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