New simple haemophilia testing guide

Unsure about genetic testing and factor level testing in haemophilia and how it works in women and girls?
Haemophilia Foundation Australia has published a new education resource, Haemophilia testing in women and girls: a guide to answer these questions simply and clearly. 

Haemophilia testing in women and girls a guide

The resource is aimed at women, girls and parents of girls and uses relatable stories, infographics and diagrams to tackle some complex information in an accessible way.

How does a woman or girl know if she is affected by haemophilia?

  • What are genetic and factor level tests?
  • Who should have these tests and when?
  • How is haemophilia passed on in a family – and what if there is no family history?
  • Why do some women and girls have bleeding symptoms or haemophilia and others do not?

HFA developed the education resource in collaboration with women and parents in the Australian community, Haemophilia Treatment Centres and genetics and legal experts. We would like to thank everyone involved for their advice and creative ideas!

The steps in genetic testing


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email HFA at  
or call 0398857800. 

We invite you to take a look at the resource – and pass it onto anyone you think would find it helpful.


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