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Abstracts & Presentations

Following are abstracts and presentations from the 18th Australian & New Zealand Conference on Haemophilia & Rare Bleeding Disorders that can be downloaded.

Conference Program
Abstracts & Handbook

Friday 13 October 2017

Concurrent 1 – Hep C and HIV
Chair: Suzanne O’Callaghan

A personal story of Hep C treatment ~ Simon
Hepatitis C update ~ A/Prof Joe Sasadeusz
HIV clinical update ~ A/Prof Dr Edwina Wright
A personal story about living with HIV ~ Anthony

A personal story of Hep C treatment ~ Simon

Concurrent 2 – Genetic Testing

Chair: Andrew Atkins

The pathway to genetic testing ~ Dr Matthew Hunter 
Family planning and the role of the genetic counsellor  ~ Carolyn Cameron

Concurrent 1 – Von Willebrand disorder
Chair: Dr Mandy Davis

von Willebrand disorder  – diagnosis, treatment and care – Dr Paula James
Living with vWD – my personal story  ~ Brendan

Concurrent 2 – Evolving concepts in pain management
Chair: Cameron Cramey

Understanding Pain … in less than 20’ ~ Martina Egan-Moog
Evolving concepts in pain management ~ A/Prof Carolyn Arnold
Clinical application of modern pain sciences for PWBD, an “active approach” ~ Catherine Pollard

Concurrent 3 – Starting the Journey with a child newly diagnosed with a bleeding disorder
Chair: Dr Julie Curtin

Remember, he’s a little boy first… ~ Dr Julie Curtin
Adjusting to diagnosis and the need for family support ~ Moana Harlen
One family’s journey with bleeding disorder ~ Jacqui

Plenary 2 – Prophylaxis
Chair: Dr John Rowell

Australian multicentre study of current real-world prophylaxis practice in severe and moderate haemophilia A and B  ~ Dr Jane Mason & ABDR Data analytics ~ Sumit Parikh

Saturday 14 October 2017
Plenary 3 – Women & Bleeding Disorders
Chair: Dr Jenny Curnow

Let’s Talk Period: Women and Bleeding Disorders ~ Dr Paula James

Concurrent 1 – Ageing
Chair: Leonie Mudge

A personal story – living with inhibitors ~ David
Medical matters for people as they are ageing~ Dr Huyen Tran
Issues for PWBD -an overview of NDIS, MyAgedCare~ Leonie Mudge 
Insurance and superannuation ~ Josh Mennen 

Concurrent 2 – Improving care through MyABDR
Chair: Dan Credazzi

Why do we use MyABDR?~ Dr Chris Barnes
Working with the community~ Suzanne O’Callaghan

A HTC Royal Children’s Melbourne experience ~  Julia Ekert

MyABDR in the clinic and at home
Paediatric – Dr Chris Barnes and Karan
Adult – Andrew Atkins and Michael

Moving Forward with MyABDR ~ Dr Chris Barnes

Concurrent 1- Healthy joints for Life 
Chair: Nicola Hamilton

Decision Making in Sport & Physical Activity – Not Everyone Wants to Swim!! ~ Alison Morris
Bleed, Arthritis or Something Else ~ Alison Morris / Abi Polus

Concurrent 2 – Women and telling others
Chair: Sharron Inglis & Kathryn Body

Navigating Employment and Insurance ~ Kim Shaw
Telling others – personal stories
Haemophilia ~ Sharron
VWD ~ Susie

Concurrent 3- Free Papers
Chair: Dr Tina Carter

To Vein or Not to Vein? ~ Robyn Shoemark
A new transition model from the Adult hospital perspective ~ Jane Portnoy and Alex Coombs
Real Benefits of New Therapies for Children with Haemophilia ~ Dr Julie Curtin
Peer Support in Victoria ~ Julia Broadbent and Andrea McColl

Plenary 4 – What’s Here Now and on the Horizon – New Treatment therapies
Chair: Claude Damiani

My experience with an extended half life product ~ Paul
Supply and purchasing, new treatments, cost effectiveness assessment/funding pathways to new medicines  ~ John Cahill
Extended half-life factors and other new therapies  ~ Dr Huyen Tran
Gene therapy  ~ Prof John Rasko


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