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Youth Lead Connect

Youth Lead Connect (YLC) is a leadership program developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA) to build education and life skills for young people with bleeding disorders. The program began in 2015 and follows an application pathway similar to a job application process. The program encourages youth to step up in their local community and increase both their personal and leadership growth.

The 2017 Youth Lead Connect participants are working with HFA and their Haemophilia Foundations towards their personal YLC goals. These goals match skills the youth participants would like to build and strengthen and align with the priorities of their Haemophilia Foundation. Since the training weekend in February, youth have been working on how they can help their Haemophilia Foundation make connections with other youth, encourage young people to attend Foundation events and on developing their leadership and mentoring skills in the community.

YLC participants’ achievements and goals developed as part of the program encourage and motivate them. Their work is visible in their community and engages other young people with bleeding disorders. Their involvement in Youth Lead Connect helps participants to step up in their community as leaders and mentors, and provides a way for them to connect with other youth, community members and community leaders.

Personal story

Leadership Achievements

  • Personal story written and published on Factored In
  • A participant has written an expression of interest to gauge interest for a youth event in their state
  • Three youth participants have met to discuss and plan a youth event in their state

Leadership Achievements in progress

  • The planning of a youth event in a state community
  • Development of a youth outreach activity
  • A youth participant is working on a personal story about their experience working with haemophilia

Don’t forget that this year, the Australian & New Zealand Conference on Haemophilia & Rare Bleeding Disorders will be on 12-14 October and held in Melbourne. It’s almost October, so make sure you register as soon as possible to secure your spot at the conference!

Youth activities at conference:

Youth VIP Meet & Greet ~ 7.30pm Thursday 12 October

If you want to meet other members of the youth community or catch up with those you haven’t seen since the last conference, then this function is for you! This VIP event is only available to youth who have registered, so make sure you register now!

Youth session – busting myths ~ 10.45am-12.15pm Friday 13 October

This youth session is all about busting myths about living with a bleeding disorder.

The session will cover sport, employment, discrimination, sex, tattoos and more!

If you’re interested in attending the conference, visit the HFA website: for more information and register now!

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