New haemophilia booklet

The new HFA Haemophilia booklet is now available. The 2023 edition has been revised completely to take new haemophilia treatments into account. 

haemophilia booklet cover

It is a great introductory resource about haemophilia that is very useful for new families and educating others, including extended family, schools, employers and health professionals who are new to haemophilia.

It covers:

  • what causes haemophilia
  • how common it is
  • diagrams showing genetic inheritance and how bleeding occurs in haemophilia
  • diagnosis
  • treatment (including new treatments)
  • carrying the gene alteration
  • family planning and pregnancy
  • tips on living well.

Thank you to all of the community members and health professional experts who contributed to and reviewed this booklet.

Accessing Haemophilia 2023

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