No 214 June 2021

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New HFA videos

You may have noticed in your social media and e-news that we have been releasing lots of new videos recently!

This is all part of our digital stories project, where members of our community share their stories and experiences.

You can watch them all on our Haemophilia Foundation Australia YouTube channel.

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Managing work 

Dale, David, Paul and Tim talk about their experiences of working and employers, managing their haemophilia and overcoming challenges.

Choosing a career path

With advice from their own experiences, Tim, David and Paul explain how haemophilia doesn’t need to hold you back in your career.

My baby has haemophilia - mothers talk

Your baby’s diagnosis with haemophilia can be a shock for parents. Kate, Claire, Janelle and Jacqui speak about their diagnosis journey and finding their new ‘normal’.

Young families and bleeding disorders

Jacqui, Michelle and Janelle reflect on the worries parents have about their young children with bleeding disorders and explore the ways they have overcome their concerns and challenges as a family. 

Being young with a bleeding disorder 

Why are Foundation camps so powerful for young people with bleeding disorders? Sam and Ben explain what it meant for them, with some great footage from the camps as illustration. 

Women bleed too

Sharron, Cheryl, Shauna, Susie and Robyn talk about how women can advocate for themselves in health care settings if they have a bleeding disorder and what they have learned from their own experiences.

Resilience and strategies to live well

Zev, Mike and David have severe haemophilia. They talk about their strategies and attitudes to life that keep them optimistic and resilient.

Staying active and independent

What do you want out of life as you grow older? Zev and Mike have severe haemophilia and don't let their bleeding disorder stop them from enjoying life. They explain their goals for the future and what they do to stay active and maintain their independence.


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Date last reviewed: 16 June 2021