Why exercise?

Why exercise if you have a bleeding disorder?

If you have a bleeding disorder, there are great benefits to you from having regular exercise and being physically fit.

  • Physical activity can help you stay healthy, develop strong and flexible muscles to protect you from injury and manage your weight, which will also reduce strain on your joints.
  • Aerobic exercise can improve the health of your heart and lungs.
  • In the long term, maintaining your muscle strength can keep your bones and muscles healthy. 
  • Exercise can help you feel in charge of your health generally.
  • Good physical health can sometimes reduce how often you have bleeding episodes. If you have strong muscles, it can protect you from injury to your joints and as a result mean that you have fewer bleeds. 

Exercise is not just about being fit. Being physically active can improve your mood and your concentration, reduce stress and help you to sleep better. Being with your friends – perhaps part of a team – and having fun are also important aspects of exercising.  


Date last reviewed: 17 May 2021

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