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What kind of sport or exercise?

It’s OK to take some time while you try different things out to find a physical activity you enjoy and can do. Remember that it doesn’t have to be a sport – it can be any physical activity. For example, many girls and young women with bleeding disorders like dance, barre work, going to the gym, hiking, gardening, pilates and yoga and just going for a walk with friends.

Working closely with your Haemophilia Treatment Centre is important. Being active isn’t only about finding a sport or physical activity you enjoy, but also involves making an individual plan for you about:

  • preventing bleeds and injuries
  • managing your treatment
  • recovery after a bleeding episode
  • and having an emergency plan, just in case.

The type of sport or exercise you take part in and your plan might depend on the severity of your bleeding disorder or how low your factor levels are.

Know your limits and make sure you balance exercise with plenty of rest, particularly if you’re just getting started. Build up slowly and steadily and don’t start too fast or heavy.


Date last reviewed: 17 May 2021

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