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Before starting a new sport – ask yourself!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before starting a new sport:

  • What benefits does this sport have for me?
  • Are there common injuries? Can they be prevented?
  • What do my parents think about playing sport? What are their concerns?
  • What support and advice is available from health care professionals about playing sport?
  • Will my treatment need to change?
  • What sort of protective gear and clothing will I need?
  • Can the right sort of footwear, supports or braces help to prevent aggravation to my problem joint or joints?
  • Do I think the benefits of the sport are worth the risks?
  • I’ve decided not to play that sport after all, is there another one I can play instead?
  • If I injure myself during the sport, can I stop and get treatment easily?
  • What are the possible long term consequences of repeated injuries?
  • Is there another way to be involved in this sport with less injury risk eg. umpiring

Talking with other people with bleeding disorders and reading about other people’s experiences playing sports (e.g., articles in newsletters or on the web site) might also help you make decisions about the best sport for you.

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Date last reviewed: 30 November 2021

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