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Sessions on women and girls at the WFH 2024 World Congress had a strong message that it’s time for action on female-specific research, treatment and care.
This session discussed the work of women advocates to overcome the general and longstanding misunderstanding that women are only carriers and do not have bleeding disorders.
One of the most memorable sessions at WFH 2024 World Congress focused on the optimal dosage of prophylaxis treatment for individuals with haemophilia
At the Nurses’ Workshop at WFH 2024 World Congress, Scott gave a fascinating presentation about the patient experience of body art with severe haemophilia .
The Professional Development Day at WFH 2024 World Congress was an ultrasound workshop, teaching how to detect the presence or absence of a bleed.
Why are health professionals less likely to ask paediatric patients if they are experiencing pain at clinic reviews, compared to their adult patients?
Haemophilia Foundation Australia President Gavin Finkelstein spoke with HFA about his experiences at the WFH 2024 World Congress.
Australia was well-represented at the 2024 WFH Congress as speakers, poster presenters and as delegates. We hear reports and reflections from delegates.
I was privileged to attend the 2024 WFH World Congress. It was exciting to hear updates on what’s happening worldwide with women, clinical trials, gene therapy.
From 21-24 April, HFA visited Madrid, Spain for the WFH 2024 World Congress. Check out some photos from this huge event.

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