No 221 March 2023

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No 221 March 2023

No 221 March 2023

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In this issue we explore what's possible in bleeding disorders - from the impact of new treatments in haemophilia to exploring life as a teenager with a bleeding disorder or an adult with a rare disease like Type 3 VWD. And we announce the details of our upcoming conference - a forum on the very latest information and issues in bleeding disorders.

Issue Contents

Gavin Finkelstein

From the President

Gavin Finkelstein | 20 March 2023

man using laptop - Photo by Tony Schnagl:

Haemophilia treatment survey

Suzanne O'Callaghan | 20 March 2023

21st Australian Conference on haemophilia, VWD and rare bleeding disorders

2023 Conference

20 March 2023

Rare is many rare is strong rare is proud

Rare Disease Day 2023

20 March 2023

man running on road - photo by tembela-bohle for

What's possible in haemophilia treatment?

Alison Morris | 20 March 2023

man working on brewing beer - photo by elevate for

Choosing or changing your career path

Pauline Hill | 20 March 2023

young people at a concert - photo by vishnu-r-nair for

Being a teenager with a bleeding disorder

Jaime Chase | 20 March 2023



20 March 2023

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